Friday, March 1, 2013

PaperHaus Spring Fling Blog Hop

Welcome to the PaperHaus Spring Fling Blog Hop
and The Piece by Piece blog! 

Announcing the PaperHaus Spring Issue
We are honored to celebrate the release of the PaperHaus Magazine, Spring Issue.  We've already flipped thru the many  pages in this amazing issue and suggest you do the same.  The magazine is filled with artsy-crafty eye candy and inspiration on every single page.  We know you will be impressed, we sure were.

Click here to see the Spring issue of PaperHaus Magazine

After you browse this edition of PaperHaus you will not want miss a single issue.  You can make sure that you see every issue by heading over to their Facebook page and hitting the "Like" button.  Click here to navigate your way to the PaperHaus Facebook page.

About The Piece by Piece
In the Piece by Piece Etsy shop, we specialize in imported and domestic lace, trim, ribbon, paper crafting embellishments and scrapbook paper.  We will also stock these products in our NEW store located at 37485 Niles Blvd, Fremont CA, opening March 8, 2013.  We look forward to bringing classes by nationally recognized and local expert designers to our store as well.

We have an amazing design team that works hard each week to bring creative inspiration to out followers.  We post their designs on our Facebook page and have a few samples here from our Senior Designer, Tiffany Morgan.  Click on the links below to see the details for each of Tiffany's designs.

To see more from our awesome Design Team we suggest that you visit our Facebook page.

Blog Hop Prizes!
Each blogger (including us) in the blog hop, is giving away an awesome prize, so you are going to want to check the blog roll list at the end of this post and click on each one to see what you can win.  Our prize and entry requirements are listed here:

Prize is valued at $40 and will include a selection of laces, trims, ribbons and embellishments from The Piece by Piece!  
We will choose a winner at random on Thurs, March 7.  The winner will be announced here on the blog, so check back.  

To enter to win this prize, please do the following:
  1. Subscribe to our Facebook page
  2. Subscribe to this blog
  3. Follow us on Pinterest
  4. Visit our Etsy shop, if you like what you see, add us to your Etsy Favorites
  5. Leave a comment on this post telling us what you saw that you loved in our Etsy store.  Also, make sure that we have a way of contacting you in the post.
It's not a requirement, but if you'd like be on our mailing list, also include your email address in your comment.

Blog Roll
Click on each link to see what other prizes you could win...
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Thanks for visiting and enjoy the blog hop!


  1. Sweet projects! I am especially loving the layout - that photo is adorable!

  2. Awesome projectd! Like what I saw in the Etsy store think I wil be spending time in there :) Thanks for sharing!

  3. Connected on FB, pinterest and enjoyed browsing your etsy store. As a hoarder, I mean collector, of all sorts of media for my altered art project, my wish list has gotten even longer. Beautiful collection. I shall enjoy following your blog.

  4. Love the dress form! The layout is a beauty too! But the book is the icing on the cake!

  5. I was so pleasantly surprised to see you in the magazine. I love discovering new stores. All I can say is come on paycheck! I found such beautiful works of art here. I am a new follower, liked you on FB, am following you on Pinterest and favorited you on my Etsy site. My fave piece of your shop is 12 Pieces Heart Ribbon Sliders. I would love to be added to your mailing list:

  6. wow beautiful projects! I followed all your steps to be entered in the the giveaway! thanks for the chance!

  7. Wow, so stunning!!!! Love that lo and the cigar box is awesome.....

  8. Amazing projects love the wheat spray in your store

  9. Amazing project. I love the Fairy Rhymes stamp.

  10. Gorgeous projects! I love the vintage feel your designers create! I also fell in love with all the beautiful trims in your shop.And the prices are so low! The Venice lace is drop dead gorgeous! Love Love Love and I want those wheat pins also! I am now following your blog and you on pinterest and I plan to do some shopping at your store..Love it! Finding unique trims in my little town of Canton is impossible! So glad I have found your shop!

  11. Ditto for Scrap2day!!! I was so engrossed in your Etsy shop I forgot about the bloghop!!! You have divine goodies and your blog here is very enchanting. Love it all!!!!

  12. I have followed you on facebook, pinterest and this blog. i love the store. i have 3 daughters so there isnt one thing in particular that i loved, cause i love it all. love the flowers, and the lace.

  13. I have followed on FB, Pinterest this blog and was in the etsy store. You have an awesome selection of everything. I love the lace and trims.

  14. liked the look of the organza floral trim from the etsy shop.

    ava g

  15. I love all the flowers from the Engraver line !

  16. Well I could have a comment that takes up the whole page if I listed all I really like in your etsy shop! Here are a few things I am craving:

    2 Yards of Venice Lace BLACK
    Clear Acrylic Stamp - Engraver 563059
    6 Piece Hot Air Balloon Chipboards
    Velvet Mini Blossoms in Burgundy 1289-002
    Say It in Crystals Hexigon Strips Iridescent 563684

  17. I also followed - fb and Pinterest - will follow I. Etsy too but password is not cooperating right now

  18. I am a follower now of all your hotspots (having trouble finding you on FB but I will keep trying and persevere)....can't wait to see more projects, especially mini albums :o) I ADORE that Coral Eyelet Trim....

  19. I like the variet of ribbon.

  20. I especially liked all of the chipboard pieces. And if I need ribbon or lace, I now know where to find it (beautiful).

  21. Following FB, the blog, pinterest and fav'd you on Etsy. I just love those Wing Appliques! I saw that your sb store closed in CA (so sorry about that) but I thought I read somewhere that you were joining us here in the Glorious Lone Star State! Don't like the weather stick around for another 15 minutes it will change Yee haw! :)

  22. These projects are beautiful... I did all of the above. (under Amy Jones) I liked so many things in your etsy shop. There is so many beautiful things. My favorites are all of the butterflies. They are so pretty...

  23. What pretty projects. Especially love the dress form! Thanks for the lovely giveaway.

  24. I like the chipboard masks andthe tea pots --lots of great items. Thanks

  25. I've done it all.Love your store-reminds of being a little girl going through my mom's stash of laces and ribbons!

  26. I did all the above (I'm following via bloglovin). Your shop has lots of beautiful items, but I especially love the chipboard hot-air-balloons! x

  27. Such pretty projects!
    I love the french frange and tutu trim you have!

  28. Loved lots of pretties BUT my fave is the pink wheat spray...
    Following your blog and FB and PInterest now:-)