Monday, July 16, 2012

Tiffany's Hanging Sign Project

Hello Everyone!  It's Monday once again and as I was looking around my craft area, I started to get this mild headache!  Yikes! Unfortunately my studio isn't coming together as I wanted to, but that's what happens when you keep telling yourself that your not a hoarder, you just need more space!  LOL 
Wait a minute.. Did I just confess to being a Hoarder?  Well, if I did, let's just keep it between you and I.(aka, don't tell the Mr.)hehehe

Anywho, I wanted to share with you this pretty Hanging Sign designed by our wonderful designer Tiffany.  She used some old and new items from TPBP.  I love the stamped sentiment she used.  It is so true!  
Here are the TPBP products she used.  

                  Butterfly Applique 

                  10 MM Flat Back Pearls in White

                Crochet Ribbon in Pink

For more information, watch Tiffany's Video Click Here.

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