Tuesday, May 11, 2010


Sorry that I was a few days late on this greeting, but you guys can forgive me right?.... after all, I am a mom too....
Well, it's been a bit crazy in my life lately. I'm managing my Childcare and this Dream I want to make come true. I sat down on Mothers Day and wrote down my "todo" list and realized, I may never get done! But, that's ok.... I got a soy latte with non fat hazelnut (my new favorite) and thought to myself..... I'm one person.

"TO DO" list:
Upload photo's
list items
take photo's
develop photo's
make weeks activities with childcare kids
pay assistants
deposit money
load dishwasher
pick up dinner
send an email to web designer
Check the weather (for childcare)
Make a list for Costco
update blog
update facebook
make a tutorial on flowers
finish next project
unload dishwasher
return emails
get fitted for friends wedding
help with friends wedding programs
itemize and do some accounting for both business
jog for 20 minutes.....

And guys.... this is a real list. lol...


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