Friday, May 21, 2010

My Thank You Speech

Beverly's "Mona Lisa" (photo of my mother at age 19)
Mixed Media Tag

My website is finally semi-complete. Thank you so much to Romeo Lavarias for putting this together for me! I swear he does not sleep! I will send him a message late at night and he will respond back right away! You are definitely AWESOME MISTER!

I also want to thank my wonderful assistant "Miss Jessica." She is so reliable and always there when I need her! Even if it's to meet up to get some sushi! I just can't believe how lucky I am to have found such a great lady to work with. She says she is not crafty.... but I think she is! She was the first person to have mentioned about this Alice In Wonderful Album idea! YOU TOTALLY ROCK!

Thank you to my sister, Bernellet, for helping me pimp out my craft room (photo's will be posted as soon as I can get it cleaned). She is so Handy! LOVE IT!

Thank you to Derrick Santos for taking my profile photo's and family pictures pro bono! You were rolling in the grass trying to get the best shots even though you were getting itchy! You are pure awesomeness!

Thank you to my Husband Matthew for helping and supporting me through it all and my semi hoarding like personality. I think every scrapper is a little borderline hoarder right?

Thank you to my children for understanding not to mess with mommy's things, even though it's everywhere and staying quiet when mommy is trying to do a video.

Thank you to everyone of you for following me on this journey. It may be a long journey, but we'll get there........

On this note: check out my website: . Now, you can find me wherever you are!

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