Friday, April 15, 2011

Have a Wonderful Weekend Everyone!

I thought I'd share some cards I made to you all! I can't believe it's already mid April and I barely finished posting all my new trims on ETSY. Phew.... I'm glad I'm done for now.
I had my 8th year Anniversary yesterday and it was amazing! My husband took the day off and we began our day with Target Shooting! Boy, was I scared. First time I ever shot a gun, and the feeling for me is very much like riding a roller coaster. You know what's going to happen and you want it to happen, but right when it happens, you are like what in the world did I get myself into! Then we went to San Francisco and he took me to a 4 story Fabric Store! So, I was in there for a good 3 hours. LOL
Then, for dinner we went to this beautiful restaurant and to my surprise, we had personalized menu's with our names on it saying: "Happy 8th Year Anniversary Matthew and Beverly." That was awesome!
Anyway, I am so happy to be with this guy! He is so wonderful! I fell inlove AGAIN!

Have a wonderful weekend everyone!

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