Tuesday, June 21, 2011

Tammy Ozuna Designing for TPBP!

I am so grateful and happy to introduce Ms. Tammy!!  She not only helps medesign for TPBP, but also, assists me with projects and challenges that we are hosting every month!

Tammy in her own words:
 "I've been a creative being since the time macrame was popular. it's been a while.  Since that time I've expanded my breadth and depth of creative play and find great joy in paper crafting, art journaling, silver smithing, jewelry making, knitting and sewing, to name a few.  When I leave the creative playground I enjoy the lovely outdoors of California with a bike ride, neighborhood walk or a silent gaze at the coast line from a sandy beach. My family and friends are the heart of my world and I can never spend too much time with them."  

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