Saturday, August 27, 2011

Random and Pleasant

It's been quite a while where I actually blogged about anything, but.... here I am again.  It's a peaceful day here in  my Ozzy Wonderland.  The kids a not fighting and I am enjoying my morning coffee at 11am. Hehehe.  I cropped with my wonderful scrappy friends last night from 7pm to 3am!  That's a first for me, 3 am?   WHAT?   I learned and shared some amazing techniques!  I will show you in a later blog or video of my work once it's absolutely finished.  I thought I'd share this with you.  

I saw this photo at  this amazing artist blog, The Kathryn Wheel.  It may be hard to make out what it says on the bottom right corner, but it says from the thief, " Got me home ok  thanks."  Hilarious.  I love to laugh and this is just way too funny.  Enjoy your last weekend of August, because before you know it.... it's Christmas!


  1. no, don't say it !!! Don't even write it !!! LOL
    That photo is too funny...Beautiful pic of you and MR. Holtz !!!Everyone always look so happy standing beside him; our HERO !!!

  2. I made that poster and put it all over my town where i live!

    Reilly Lovett