Thursday, November 15, 2012

Guest Designer Harumy Castillo Shares her China Cabinet with a Surprise Hidden Mini Album

Hi everyone!  Thank you for visiting us on this lovely day!!  I have been so inspired and so blessed with so much talent here at TPBP!  So inspiring that I haven't finished one project because I start one and then I don't finish because I begin to watch another video which leads me to begin a whole different project without finishing anything!  Hehehe.  
But wait... I do want to take a break from it all and introduce our first Guest Designer, Harumy Castillo!  She was suppose to be my Guest Designer for October, but I fell so behind that I had to postpone a whole entire month!!  
You have to check out this video!!  Watch how she used all the goodies inside and to find the hidden Mini Album.  She used G45's Paper Collection, The Bird Song.  It's just so gorgeous and stunning!!  I love how she used our teacup and saucers and placed them inside the Cabinet.  

Here's Harumy photo and for more inspiration from this talented lady go and subscribe to her
Youtube Channel:  scrapperncrafter
A little Bio:
I love getting to know people around the world through the amazing power of the internet. I have met and developed amazing friendship with a lot of the crafters on the internet and hope I can continue doing so. I discovered a whole new world of scrapbooking this year and have been obsessed since!! I scrap and craft at least 6 out of 7 days a week!! I am a complete crafting nut now lol I am constantly looking for scrapping and crafting ideas :D I am a mom of three wonderful children :D and my hobbies right now are being a soccer mom, a gymnast mom, mom to a newborn and on top of all that a crafter!!

Thank you so much Harumy for being able to inspire us and share your talent with the world!!!   You are one amazing MOMMY!!!!


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  3. Thank you so much Beverly!! Working with all the goodies from your shop is always really inspirational. I am so grateful for this wonderful opportunity to design for you it meant the world to me!! I know Im going to be showing this off to everyone I know lol so I would like to take the opportunity to thank my sweet and wonderful guy Caesar for getting me started into scrapping and crafting lol he is also my sponsor bahhahha so thank you babe. I feel like I just won a grammy so had to give him a shout out. Thank you so much BEVERLY!! Hugs and smiles, Harumy (scrapperncrafter)

    1. Hi Harumy!!! Congratulations and you did a wonderful job!! You truly inspired me to get a China Cabinet!!! To Caesar: You did good my friend!! She is truly talented!!