Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Mixed Media Canvas Made By Leanne Bishop

Happy Tuesday everyone!  Thanksgiving is just 2 more days away and I am so behind with all my projects!  Yikes... Story of my life right?  I have 3 potlucks to prepare for and don't get me wrong... I'm not complaining... in fact, we are so blessed to have our families and friends all around us that's it's easy for us to visit each get together all in one day, although I do tend to gain about 5 pounds in just that one day.  Hehehe

Enough about my weight!  Ha!  I do want to share this amazing Mixed Media Project that Leanne created.  She was inspired by Anna Dabrowska (Finnabair).  Just by checking out some of Anna's work and Leanne's you can see the similarities, but you can also see the difference in both the Artists techniques.  When I first saw Leanne's canvas I was so envious because I want my project to look like that when I'm done.  Hehehe

Just by looking at the photo, you would have to look at all the details to really appreciate all the details that Leanne put into this.

For more details check out Leanne's blog by clicking here.
If you haven't had enough... watch her video for all the details by clicking here.

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