Tuesday, June 19, 2012

New Design Team Member Announcements

I am a big fan of these 2 wonderful women!  They have said "Yes" to joining my Design Team.  I am so grateful and  blessed to have them designing for TPBP.  I know with their exceptional creativity and wonderful works of Art, only good things can happen!  
I can't hold it any much longer!  Please welcome Janet Coulter and Roxy Furlong!  
Here is a little about the newest members to my Design Team.  Again, thank you so much ladies for this opportunity to have you design and represent for The Piece By Piece!  Congratulations!  

Janet Coulter
I have been married to my childhood sweetheart for almost 32 years, I have two wonderful daughters who both married men I absolutely adore, and I now have a beautiful granddaughter. I have loved creating and crafting since I was a little girl. Somehow, my grandmother saw something in the things I did and always had little projects for me to make and presents to wrap. I have never had any formal art or graphic training but I love to put color combinations and textures together. I enjoy scrapbooking, altered art, wrapping beautiful presents, setting elegant tables, planning creative parties, decorating our home, and especially bringing beauty into the lives of others. It is amazing to me how creative talents can be used in so many different areas of our lives and just make life more beautiful and enjoyable for everyone. My husband and I built and I manage two assisted living facilities for the elderly. It is a rewarding business but can be difficult at times, so my crafting has been very therapeutic for me as well.

Roxanne Furlong

I am a freelance writer and book editor from St. Paul, Minnesota who fell in love with crafting after I made my first self-portrait pencil sketch when I was 3-years old: a stick figure with messy hair and fuzzy slippers. 
In grade school I became the hallway muralist, using kraft paper and tempera paint to make life-sized pilgrims, elves, Jesus, Mary & Joseph, cherubs and Uncle Sam. In junior high I took summer classes to learn basket- and loom-weaving, pottery and fiber dying and in high school, I became a hippie and learned to make jewelry using the lost-casting method.
In the 1980s I had a wedding flower side business and in 1984 bought my first rubber stamp of three cats sitting on a pillow; I called it the Cat-Hair Pillow stamp and still have it on display in my Art Lair. Until 2005, I made cards and scoffed at scrapbookers, marveling at how they could spend $18 just to decorate one page! Now I’m one of them … and I still have messy hair and wear fuzzy slippers.

Let the Creating Rock and Roll!  

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